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Terje Width

Chief Operating Officer

I am a corporate executive with over 25 years of exceptional experience in C-level roles at multinational corporations such as Dell, Oriflame, and Telenor. Having honed my expertise not only in the IT industry but also in several African nations, he possess a unique combination of technical skills and business savvy. With my extensive background, I have proven to be a valuable asset and a source of guidance for those I have worked with.  
I have found a renewed sense of purpose in his work life with Wakandi, and see it as an opportunity to make a lasting impact on millions of people. I hold a steadfast belief that access to education as well as fair and affordable finance are the keys to improving the lives of individuals, particularly in developing countries. I have joined forces with Wakandi to uplift the livelihoods, wellbeing, and empowerment of people across nations through innovative and inclusive finance solutions. I am highly driven by the desire to create positive change and improve the world through my work.