Fair Pricing Philosophy

Our pricing philosophy is inspired by the cooperative (people first) approach of SACCOs. It enables us to offer users a cost-effective and transparent pricing experience.

Usage-based pricing

SACCOs only need to pay for what they are using.

No hidden cost

No hidden fees or charges are levied on the SACCO members.

Complete transparency

Complete pricing information is readily available to all SACCOs.

Why fair pricing?

We are working in the informal and semi informal part of the economy with various informal financial groups. These groups operate more on the principle of community than being profitable. When we started working on our pricing plans, we had to make sure that we align our approach with the principles of these groups and match their expectations. 

We are proud to build a pricing strategy that is based on the usage of the members. Instead of adding a license cost per user, we offer a model where you pay only for what you use. 

    • No installation charge 
    • No registration fee
    • No fixed license fee
    • No maintenance charge
    • No support charge
    • No training charge

Network Operator Fees

We share our cooperative approach with various mobile network operators (MNOs) we work with. We have negotiated better tariffs and transaction fees with the MNOs, so that our users pay less than the standard charges.

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