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Success is rarely achieved alone, but together with strong partnerships in the local market, we can achieve so much more!

Mobile Money Providers

Wakandi is benefiting from the popularity of mobile money in Africa, and we are working together for our mutual success. The most obvious possibility is to include the Mobile Money Providers’ wallet in our Wakandi app so that we may collect and distribute funds from the mobile wallet. We could also investigate other potential areas for cooperation.

Wakandi targets users from the cooperative sector with a system where we don’t charge any licence fee for the application. This leads to mass adoption of our product when we launch in the local market.

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Wakandi targets the part of the economy that is currently classified as informal. Therefore, our focus is on the cooperative sector with an unbeatable offering to build revenue for Wakandi and our banking partners. Currently, there are millions of people on the African continent who are not financially included and are unable to access financial services. However, these people are using mobile money. With Wakandi, we are trying to onboard this huge group and find ways for them to become part of the financial system, through banking. As we onboard more and more informal financial groups like SACCOs, banks have the opportunity to tap into this untouched market.

As financial inclusion expands through digitisation in Africa, with help from Wakandi, data analytics can be a key tool to further improve the situation. With data analytics, banks can build several services pertaining to a customer group to increase their revenue stream. With digitization and data availability, banks are at the beginning of a period of exponential growth.

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Umbrella organisations

Wakandi focuses mostly on cooperatives as it works toward the informal economy. The social component that fosters trust is the foundation of the cooperative sector. Due to several examples of fraud in the cooperative sector, faith is poor in many nations today. These issues can be resolved by giving the industry a digital makeover. Therefore, there is a critical need for sound innovation, which will speed up growth and improve the industry’s capacity to provide adequate administration.

As an umbrella organisation operating in the sector, one may experience difficulties with subpar IT solutions and difficulties tracking members’ in- and out-of-office activities. One might even encounter difficulties getting in touch with them via newsletters, SMS, or other channels.

Wakandi can assist you with these problems. and we believe our product will make you successful in these areas. We support the establishment of powerful umbrella organisations and interest groups to coordinate, represent, and unify the cooperative sector. Our goals are similar: to digitise the economy and enhance people’s lives through a stronger cooperative sector.

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