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Fair Pricing Philosophy

Our pricing philosophy is inspired by the cooperative (people first) approach of SACCOs. It enables us to offer users a cost-effective and transparent pricing experience.

Loan application fee
Loan application fee
  • Usage for the system
  • Underwriting process
  • Product configurator
Outgoing transactions
Outgoing transactions
  • Disbursement of loans
  • Paying back savings
  • Paying back shares
Incoming transactions
Incoming transactions
  • Contribution from the members
  • Buying of shares
  • Miscellaneous Fee
  • Usage-based pricing: SACCOs only need to pay for the system they are using
  • No fixed cost: No fixed fees or charges are levied on the SACCO or its members for the system
  • Complete transparency: Complete pricing information is available to all SACCOs when logged in CAMS
  • Total cost of CAMS: Budget-friendly fee to help SACCOs and MFIs adopt the system with ease 

Affordable Network Operator Fees

With CAMS, we have negotiated better tariffs and transaction fees with the MNOs. As a result, the SACCO members are enabled to save more money as they have to pay less than standard charges on transactions.

Mobile network operator fees for SACCO members:

Sustainable Loan Application Fee and Income Generation for SACCO

With CAMS, we charge a fixed cost for each loan application inclusive of VAT and taxes. The entire loan application, including accounting and reconciliation, is being handled digitally on CAMS, saving a lot of time for the SACCOs. Moreover, 100% of the interest goes to the SACCOs directly, turning this into an income-generating process for them.

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