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Fair Pricing Philosophy

Our pricing philosophy is inspired by the cooperative (people first) approach of your financial group. It enables us to offer you a cost-effective and transparent pricing experience.

Our pricing model

Active member fee
No License Fee
No fixed license fees or charges are levied on your cooperative.
Outgoing transactions
Usage-based pricing
You only pay when you use the system. No active members, no cost.
Incoming transactions
No Installation Fee
No setup/installation fee. Our support team takes care of everything. 

Pillar of our fair pricing

Group 230-1 Fair Value for your cooperative

Our pricing ensures that you only pay for what you use to enjoy a fair value. When you choose CAMS, you get the right balance of value and pricing for your cooperative.

Group 230-1 Affordability for members

We have made sure that CAMS pricing remains highly affordable for cheaper and easier management of finances for your members.

Group 230-1 Complete transparency of pricing

We have promised to us to maintain complete pricing transparency for our users. Pricing information is provided to you on the website as well as when you onboard to use our system.

Group 230-1 Optimization of cost

With CAMS, we have negotiated much lower tariffs from the MNOs. As a result, the SACCO members save money for making transactions as they pay less than the standard charges.

Member fees

You can click on the respective links below to read the fee list.  


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