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CAMS enables savings groups to manage finances more efficiently

CAMS (Credit Association Management System) is a financial system that helps you manage loans, keep transaction records, add or remove members, and other operations that have a great impact on the success of a savings group.

The system is built on an advanced DLT-based infrastructure that has high security. It has easy management that gives better control for the user.

CAMS is designed in close collaboration with different SACCOs, Microfinance institutions, and other savings groups so that it speaks directly to the needs of financial groups.

Administration Module-1
Administration Module
Manage various operations including saving, approving or rejecting loans, adding or removing members.
Saving Module-1
Saving Module
Add monthly/weekly saving using your preferred mobile money operator.
Lending Module-1
Lending Module
Apply for a loan online and get the amount directly into a mobile money account.

Benefits for saving group, SACCO or MFI

  • An accounting system made explicitly for SACCOs
  • MSP reports are connected directly to the accounting system, making reporting faster and easier.
  • SACCOs policy module that is enforced on all products
  • Configurable underwriting process where the SACCOs can define loan approval processes themselves
  • Automatically reconciliation of payments
  • Increases compliance in the SACCOs, securing members’ values
  • Easy access to data with useful reports
  • Good overview of all members and their status
  • Access and role management with high security
  • Communication with all members via SMS module

Benefits for the user

  • Account management, with overview of loans, savings and shares
  • Member apps for iPhone and Android phones
  • Access to functionalities through USSD codes for non-smartphones
  • Enhanced productivity and convenience in everyday life by reducing the need for travel
  • Members receive a financial track record, which in time gives them a financial history
  • Increased security of assets

The cost of using CAMS

Our pricing philosophy is inspired by the cooperative (people first) approach of SACCOs. It enables us to offer users a cost-effective and transparent pricing experience. You can read more about it here.

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