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Every day, banks and financial institutions are performing money transfers and these transfers generate a lot of data. With Wakandi, it will be possible to connect banks and financial institutions on a global network based on DLT. The network will then become one access point to multiple financial systems that can lead to faster, more transparent, yet safe transactions.

We offer

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    A DLT based financial infrastructure that could benefit customers and increase the use of formal payment options

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    Out-of-the-box software to provide essential banking services to customers, across segments

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    One API that will allow financial institutions to connect to the bank’s existing infrastructure

Streamlined settlement and transfers

The Wakandi Infrastructure is empowered with Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to provide a secure way of transferring value and making settlements. It has been designed to handle transactions across regions, systems and users, and can also be used to create digital wallets as accounts for holding and storing value.

The Wakandi infrastructure is a technology-based platform that allows innovative applications and services to be built on top of it. Any business beginning payment related projects can be benefitted; as when they join the network, they will automatically be connected with all the existing operators to initiate transactions. When banks connect on the Wakandi network, they can offer simple integration with their banking systems to other payments and solution providers. This will help attract more customers and encourage everyone to choose the financial mainstream.

Using the Wakandi network, a Bank can:

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    Support secure payments and money transfers from anyone to anywhere

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    Support inter-operator transactions for financial settlements

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    Create virtual bank accounts for end-users which will be used to conduct transactions

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    Collect consolidated data from all users on the network

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