Wakandi provides a DLT-based infrastructure for banks as well as financial institutions to transfer value and share data. By connecting them on the network, we create a seamless way for them to transact. In addition, we create a hub of financial data that can be used to create better products and services.

Operations made much more convenient


DLT offers the possibility to remove third parties as the governor of trust. It also provides a faster, secure, and more transparent way to transfer and store value.

Data AccessibilityData Accessibility

When banks and financial institutions connect on the Wakandi network, the financial history and data henceforth generated is stored immutably. The stored data is available to share safely and instantly.

Smart ContractsSmart contracts

Smart contracts are programmable contracts that include self-executing logic which cannot be tampered with. It allows us to automate the movement of money and data, based on different variables and input.

EntrepreneurialEntrepreneurial Opportunities

Startups/micro-finance companies connected to our network can leverage DLT and create real-life applications that will possibly change the face of the payment industry as we know it

Interoperability Interoperability

Enterprises regardless of operational region or industry can transact on Wakandi. This interoperability is likely to create the possibility of streamlining financial settlement at reduced cost of payments.

Helping governmentsBuilt-in trust

Wakandi’s infrastructure enables enterprises on the network to define the accessibility of the transaction flow. This will help to reduce the possibilities of fraud.

Our core strengths


Private, permissioned blockchain


Complete fintech infrastructure


Peer-to-Peer payment network


Sandbox is Now Live!

We are inviting you to play and experience the Wakandi Network. With this special early access, you are going to be among the first to try the network. No licence required.



“Enabling startups to take the advantages of DLT by integrating with our infrastructure will result in real-life applications of DLT that could disrupt the payment industry as we know it.”

- Stian Andreassen

Co-founder Ledgefarm / Wakandi Group

“The Wakandi blockchain network allows us to integrate our existing services quickly and with ease, which is a game-changer. We were so impressed that we took it upon ourselves to sign up and be one among the first few companies on the network.”

- Magnus Mchunguzi

Executive Director, YellowDot Mobile SA (Pty) Ltd

“EY is assisting Wakandi in relation to assessing tax, legal and strategy aspects. The project has the power and potential to change the payment industry by enabling banks in many countries to offer true open banking solutions. By connecting banks to the Wakandi network, next generation payment solutions might be developed in a modern and fast way.”

- Magnus Jones

Nordic Blockchain Lead, EY Tax & Law

Thoughts behind Wakandi


The Wakandi Network drives innovation and provide faster, cheaper and more transparent operation. Our implementation allows for inter-company trust, even between competitors. Having a better tomorrow is about having a more transparent, mobile and cashless payment system.

Espen Moen Kvelland, CEO


Wakandi is designed to create a positive impact on many aspects of the day-to-day life of millions of Africans. For them to have a better tomorrow is all about having a more transparent, safe, and secure financial system. With Wakandi, we foresee a strong African economy!

Sele Mduda, KAM Africa

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