Accelerating the digital transformation of the informal economy

We are moving on a road to a technology-enabled financial world. Wakandi provides the opportunity to informal financial groups to manage their finances as easy as sending a text message.

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CAMS, or the Credit Association Management System, is a digital financial system built on an advanced DLT-based infrastructure. It is designed to offer formal financial services through digitizing savings and loans management for thousands of informal financial groups in Africa. This release is specifically developed for informal financial groups in Tanzania, called SACCOS. These groups are referred to as Tier 3 in Tanzania.

High Security

Easy Management

Better Control

Instant deposit

By using the already established Mobile Money Wallets, we allow the instant deposit of contributions or loan repayment through the members’ mobile wallet. Building on top of what is already working.

Loan applications

For the members of the group, it’s easier than ever to apply for a loan online, either by using our CAMS mobile app or web application. In terms, this leads to an immutable audit trail.


Effective management of admin-related tasks such as managing savings, approving or rejecting loans. Adding or removing members is easily accessible using the back office or management app.

The story of Wakandi

Wakandi was founded in 2018 with an aim to improve the way money and money transfers are handled in Africa. We were inspired by how technology and innovation can create a positive impact on millions of people.

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Aligning our work with UN’s Global Goals

With CAMS, we focus on bringing innovation to the informal sector and building a world that is more inclusive and digitally advanced.

Our Partners and Clients


Creating an impact in our journey to transform the informal economy


Thoughts behind Wakandi

“Our journey in Africa has lead us to some really interesting places, products, and not the least realised the vast opportunity space that exists here. To play a part of building an organisation such as Wakandi makes me humble and extremely proud. You realise even more that the only way to do it is by working together with a strong and dedicated team" - Karibu Wakandi

Espen Kvelland, CEO

“Africa is the future. The financial sector plays an important intermediation role in the economy of many Africans countries. By making remittance and other financial services easy, fast and secure through the use of DLT will help to build a strong African economy.”

Sele Mduda, Onboarding Coordinator

“Africa is the continent of great opportunities. Continuous strong economic growth has translated into shared prosperity and increased financial inclusion across the continent. By taking advantage of DLT, there is a unique opportunity to enhance financial inclusion by making financial services available, accessible and affordable to all segments of the population.”

Terje Width, COO

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