Accelerating the digital transformation of the informal economy

Introducing Credit Association Management System (CAMS)

Launching soon!

Manage your Stokvels and savings groups better with CAMS

CAMS is a unique digital system that helps you manage various functions of your Stokvels online. Enjoy a better way to send your monthly contributions and avail loans through your mobile wallet at a click of a button.

Saving Module

Send your weekly/monthly savings using your preferred mobile money operator.

Lending Module

Apply for a loan online and get the money directly into your mobile money account.

Administration Module

Create your Stokvel and manage several group operations including savings, loans, adding or removing members, creating reports and more.

We are moving forward! Stay tuned with us and be a part of our journey.

Magnus Mchunguzi

CEO of YellowDot Group

We are proud of the partnership with Wakandi Group, Norway. The delivery of the CAMS platform by Wakandi will resolve the many challenges the Stokvels face. We are literally bringing the Stokvels in the digital era and giving control to each individual member. This will surely bring the growth and trust in the management of Stokvels.