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When building financial applications, one typically has to integrate with many different payment solutions. As a result, the process becomes slow and expensive due to fragmented infrastructures and complex systems. Integrating and settling payments also comes on top of having to gain trust in the market and attract the right customers.

One network, many great applications

The Wakandi network offers a plug and play, financial infrastructure to Payment Service Providers (PSP), Electronic Money Institutes (EMI) as well as to other Solution Providers. Irrespective of different operational region or industry, it is possible to use the Wakandi Network to process transactions. With one API, which exposes the services of banks in our network, businesses will be able to connect to multiple banking systems. As a result, they can benefit from the power of the Wakandi Network, and focus on delivering the optimum mix of cost, convenience, simplicity, availability and relevance to their customers.

Amplifying the transaction process with DLT:

  • Immutable

    Streamlined financial settlement and reduced cost of payments

  • Immutable

    One API that gives access to multiple services offered by the bank

  • Immutable

    An innovative way of onboarding new customers

  • Immutable

    Access to the entire Wakandi Network

  • Immutable

    Offers opportunity to build cutting-edge, innovative payment-related services

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