Partner with Us

ISV - Independent Software Vendors

Our partner program for businesses building an App or service that needs to handle payment using mobile money.

SP - Service Providers

Are you an IT company or a company reselling other digital products? Our Service Providers work locally in the market with sales and support towards our customers.

Lead the way to digital transformation with CAMS

At Wakandi, we aim to bring the power of technology and innovation to the informal economy in Africa and support informal financial groups with faster and more secure digital systems. Interested to be part of our journey? Send us a message, or fill out the form below to book a 30-minute meeting with Sele Mduda, Co-Founder and Key Account Manager Africa at Wakandi.

Vast Opportunities with CAMS

  • Technology and innovation for the informal economy
  • Fast-growing network of organizations
  • Power of Distributed Ledger Technology

Connected MNOs in Africa

Are you looking for investment opportunities?

We are passionate about what we do. If you are interested as well, we would love to tell you more. Please reach us via email at or send us a message above!