Infrastructure Powered by DLT for Better Security & Transparency

CAMS is built on an advanced infrastructure that uses Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to offer more secure and transparent payments. Multiple mobile network operators, banks, and financial organizations can connect on the infrastructure, enabling faster, cheaper, and more transparent ways to transfer value and share data.

Benefits of DLT

Built-in trust to remove the possibilities of fraud

Interoperability that goes beyond the region of operation or industry

Immutably stored data can be shared safely and instantly

Smart contracts to automate the transfer of money and data

Vast entrepreneurial opportunities for mobile network operators and banks

Wakandi Core – Powerhouse of Wakandi’s infrastructure 

Wakandi Core is an advanced system consisting of APIs and DLT that powers the infrastructure and all its functions. It connects users on the infrastructure and lets them create, track, and manage transactions. 

    • One standard API for seamless connectivity 
    • Enable Open Banking for fast and secure data accessibility
    • Smart contracts as a service to build custom solutions on DLT

Discover the endless possibilities of DLT and Wakandi Core!


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