Rahma Amani joins Wakandi

Wakandi onboards Rahma Amani as the Key Account Manager in Tanzania

We are excited to announce Rahma Amani as the new Key Account Manager (KAM) of the Wakandi Tanzania team. Rahma will be working closely with our Co-Founder and KAM, Sele Mduda, to provide a better experience for our various partners and customers in Tanzania. Rahma has previously worked as the Co-Founder and Managing Director for Midland Credit and Finance Co Ltd Tanzania for around six years.  

As the Key Account Manager, Rahma Amani will be responsible for building and maintaining relationships with potential clients and partners. She will also be working together with the team to create unique ways and procedures to generate more leads and help us serve a larger market share. 

About Rahma

Serving youth and women, especially those unbanked, has always been a driving force for Rahma. She always wanted to contribute to her society with a strong desire to innovate and build creative solutions. Various institutions and NGOs recognized her abilities and allowed her to teach fellow students with disabilities. 

Such recognition from NGOs proved to be a turning point and helped her embark upon her finance world journey, building her leadership and entrepreneurial skills. She co-founded a microfinance company in Tanzania to help the unbanked with easy and affordable loans. She also identified many challenges and gaps in the microfinance sector. The prime issue was the dependence on manual processes and the usage of physical documents. They had to deal with manual errors, lost documents, and delayed operations.    

Starting the journey with Wakandi 

Rahma has joined Wakandi to solve various problems microfinance institutes still face due to the lack of proper technology and digital systems. She believes DLT could be a game-changing technology in the microfinance world. With CAMS in place, people can manage savings and loans without any paperwork. Moreover, every transaction, amount, and balance will be saved automatically. 

Rahma believes that CAMS can enable better financial inclusion using the already established mobile money network. Millions of people, especially women and youth, who are unbanked will be able to use formal finance with the help of our digital system. 

She says, “The desire of gold is not about achieving gold but to achieve the freedom and benefits, and that is what CAMS offers us – financial inclusion with the freedom to manage finances anytime, anywhere.”

To microfinance institutes, CAMS offers a unique reporting and monitoring solution. It brings the required transparency in transactions and eliminates the communication gap and other human errors. Rahma believes that this can help them solve the longstanding challenges that the industry faces.

At Wakandi, we are excited to welcome Rahma Amani as a key member of our team in Tanzania. We aim to use her knowledge and hands-on experience of the microfinance world to streamline our products and services. We strive to become stronger and bring digital transformation to every corner of Sub-Saharan Africa.

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